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About Catherine Marie Dalgleish

Catherine Marie Dalgleish was born in 1956 and raised near Indianapolis. She moved to Texas in 1997. She currently resides in Austin. 


Cathy began drawing in her early teens. She was given her first technical pen in 1973. She continues creating pen and ink drawings in black on white. 


In the early '90's, she took up painting with acrylics on canvas. Using this medium, she satisfies her love for color and allows for more freedom in movement and expression. 


Her creative talent led her in a career as a skilled finisher in residential homes and on furniture. 


Although, she has taken various art-related courses, Cathy is primarily self-taught. 


Cathy is passionate about releasing expectations and following inner guidance. Her inspiration and motivation springs from a foundation of being accountable with her talent. Largely, this is how she travels. 


Some of her biggest achievements include: 

  • Hawaiian Tropic Logo, at age 16.

  • Publication of pen and inks in the 'Family Album' for Austin College in Sherman, Texas, at age 17.

  • Publication of pen and inks in an Indianapolis underground newspaper 'Everybody's Expecting Rain or Else Making Love', at age 18.

  • First outdoor art booth at Cornstock Music Festival in Indiana, in her late '30' s.

Cathy is a member of The Bee Cave Art Foundation.

Artist Statement

CMDalgleishArtwork is a growing collection of original pen and ink drawings and acrylic paintings. My artwork is based in Austin, Texas. 


My pen and inks have broad subject matter conveying my appreciation and observations, seen and unseen in nature and cultures in black on white. 


My love for bright colors and desire for more freedom escorted my work to include painting with acrylics on canvas. My paintings share a pluralistic contemporary style. Some reflect bold color in expressive movement while others offer gentle softness. 


My work remains prolific toward blurring boundaries. I find a spiritual and emotional connection when I allow for letting go enough to hear direction and trust obediently as a child. My artwork may incline to take you somewhere you've never been before. 

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